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Do you have questions about social enterprise? Are you thinking about starting your own or already have? Do you want to find out what support and funding you can access for your social enterprise?

Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network’s mascot Doogie Goodstuff who promotes great social enterprise products and services across the city with his “Buy The Good Stuff” campaign – is taking to the streets of Edinburgh with his social enterprise friends and colleagues to sell The Big Issue.

BOLD, a social enterprise creative agency based in Edinburgh, has just launched its BOLD Basics package, specifically designed to help social entrepreneurs create a brand identity on a start-up friendly budget. We spoke to Doug Summers, their senior designer about the importance of branding, their work with socially-minded companies and their love of Pinterest. 

The 2016 Montrose Triathlon welcomes its first Visually Impaired (VI) participant. Norma Davidson, from Menmuir’s (by Brechin), will be taking part in her first triathlon on Sunday, 5 June when she takes competes in the Novice event.

On Monday 25 April 2016 The Melting Pot hosted The Next Big Social Thing – an unveiling of products, services and enterprises designed by the 10 start-up social entrepreneurs supported on their Incubation Programme 2015/16.

Social entrepreneurs have a key role to play in Argyll’s economic and social prosperity. This is the premise of an event that took place in Dunoon on 25th of May 2016. 

Seven social entrepreneurs from all over Scotland have been awarded a total of £22,738 from the Social Entrepreneurs Fund. The awards were delivered by Firstport to help the awardees pilot their business ideas.

Small is Beautiful is an annual inspirational conference and a celebration of the world of creative micro-businesses and enterprising, in Edinburgh. 

Two campaigners from opposing parties have put their political differences aside and joined forces to set up Scotland's first all-female social public affairs company.

Ten social entrepreneurs from Argyll have been awarded a total of £33,897 to develop and grow their business ideas. 

The No1 Befriending Agency is organising its first Senior Social Lunch in Whiteinch, Glasgow on Friday 13th May. The lunch is open to elderly people and will be affordable.

Danielle started Tribe Porty, a community co-working space and creative events hub in Portobello, Edinburgh, in 2014. She shares her thoughts and journey on social entrerpeneurship. 

Thinking about starting a business that benefits you and profits your community? Join us on Tuesday 10 May for our Edinburgh information event. 

50 children and parents attended a free Super Maths Academy event in Glasgow at the weekend, and learnt how to calculate faster than a calculator. They were taught by Dr Rashmi Mantri, founder of social enterprise British Youth IT College.

Audrey Mutongi started her business in June 2015. Her social enterprise, Be-Friend, is a befriending service for older people in West Dunbartonshire. After receiving support from the Ditto programme, she has gone from strength to strength. She has just moved into her first office and is launching a new series of events in May. 

8 social entrepreneurs from all over Scotland have just been awarded a total of almost £20,000. The awards were delivered to help the awardees pilot their business ideas.

Susan Aktemel of Homes for Good was named Social Microentrepreneur of the Year in 2016 Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards.

Takeaway Creative, a new service allowing Argyll residents to enjoy creative activities in their own home is due to launch in March.

Fiona Page is one of the entrepreneurs who is part of the Vital Spark programme. She has been working on her business Takeaway Creative since November 2015 and is now ready to launch.

As the Vital Spark programme is opening for applications again, we talked to Fiona to find out more about her journey as an entrepreneur, her experience of Vital Spark and advice that she wants to give new applicants.

Inverness Kart Raceway (IKR), a state of the art indoor racing arena that supports young people onto work, is ready to welcome the next generation of Formula One drivers and speed enthusiasts alike.

Start Up Europe Week is being coined as ‘the biggest entrepreneurship event ever to take place in Europe’ with over 200 events taking place over the continent and Jamie from Social Media Alba is making sure Glasgow gets put on the entrepreneur map.

Gregory Chauvet, owner of the Glasgow Bike Station finished 2015 on a high. He was awarded Social Entrepreneurs of the Year 2015 at the Herald Society Awards last November.

I talked to Gregory to find out more about his journey as an entrepreneur, how he felt about his fantastic achievement and what advice he would like to share with budding entrepreneurs in 2016.