Short term student support to help your social enterprise

November 13, 2017

The University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with Santander Universities UK, offer match funding for 4-10 week internships in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Do you have a project which is always being put on hold? Are you looking to enhance your organisation with new skills, energy and ideas? Would you like funding and recruitment support to hire a student or graduate?

This programme provides funding and recruitment support to help you employ a student or recent graduate. This is a great opportunity to hire someone to focus on a project: bringing their insight, expertise and innovation. Many of the interns have gone on to do further work for the organisation and some have become permanent employees.

  • Funding ranges from £600 (4 weeks) - £1500 (10 weeks) which you will match to pay your intern (interns must be paid a min of £300 per week, or the part time equivalent)
  • The role can be either part time or full time (funding equivalent for part time hours)
  • The Internships Team at the University of Edinburgh will help you with advertising, shortlisting, and support you throughout the internship

Applications are currently open. Find out more on the University of Edinburgh website