Social Media influencers and bloggers swarm on Scot-mid as Hey Girls hits the shelves

October 7, 2019

1 in 10 women in the UK cannot afford period products. Scotland based Social Enterprise, Hey Girls, are on a mission to eradicate Period Poverty in the UK. The Hey Girls BuyOneGiveOne business model matches every box of product bought to donate to a woman in need. Hey Girls have also pledged plastic free, with all products containing only organic, compostable and vegan friendly ingredients.

Hey Girls already stock in the likes of Co-Op, Waitrose & Asda, and are delighted to now welcome ScotMid on board in efforts to eradicate Period Poverty.

Hey Girls are part of the Social Enterprise UK’s latest campaign, #BuySocial. Writer, Caitlin Moran, has teamed up with Hey Girls to promote the use of the menstrual cup with a zapper code now featuring on every box of Hey Girls cups. A truly modern period!