Open Ayes Agency CIC

Open Ayes Agency CIC was founded by Becky Duncan in 2010 and was supported through Firstport’s Start It programme in 2012. Open Eye, enables communications and participatory projects, which have a positive social impact on communities and the environment.


Open Ayes Agency CIC provides positive digital visual imaging and participatory social action research projects for Scotland’s third sector. Since 2010 they have worked with over 160 social enterprises, dozens of charities and community groups and over 600 participants have been involved in over 250 workshops. Having done this the CIC has provided a platform for those not often heard in public communications campaigns and works to empower others, enhance stories and be a source of inspiration.

The key objective of the agency is to represent all, especially those who are often underrepresented or in some cases misrepresented in day-to-day media. It prides itself on having diverse opinions understood and tackling a wide range of issues and topics through photography, including housing and homelessness, refugee issues, mental health, drugs recovery, and LGBTQI ensuring that they are more appropriately represented in mass media.

Being a truly unique social enterprise in Scotland, Open Aye uses participatory methodologies for research, development and professional practice, and has two strands of activity: Visual Imaging (VI) which encompasses professional photography and video work, for 3rd sector clients, and participatory Social Action Research Projects, that act as therapeutic, issue-based, advocacy projects.

Now on the LaunchMe programme, Open Aye aims to grow these strands of activity substantially, and launch the Open Aye’s Agency by employing new staff, setting up new premises, improving their tech kit, growing their client base, and increasing outputs which will enable the launch of several new strands of activity. In doing this Open Aye will aim to be working across the nation, ensuring that their core values of empathy, inclusion, and inspiration will continue to shine through their work. 

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