Mbikudi Ltd

LaunchMe Cohort 4- Hermine Makangu-Kinkela Mbikudi Ltd ~Naturally Powerful Trading.

Mbikudi Ltd is a company that has created a brand concept consisting of both skin and health care products, utilising multiple channels of distribution. Hermine Makangu-Kinkela started her social enterprise Mbikudi in 2016 in order to provide organic handmade skin and healthcare products in the UK. Her products are original in their conception and formulation and are specially designed for the vegetarian, vegan as well as the curly-hair market. Targeted towards natural activists and people who care for natural and holistic beauty products, Mbikudi’s focus is to play an important role in the strive for positive change to the day to day running of communities’ life. Mbikudi sets itself apart from competing companies by bringing ethical mainstream products to the Afro Caribbean body care market.

The profits of Mbikudi are all invested in alleviating social isolation amongst women struggling with language barriers. Hermine has conducted various focus groups to further her understanding of exactly how those who are integrating into society become isolated and lose confidence when unable to develop language skills. Hermine has developed a programme that helps from the inside out, running a range of creative workshops, such as jewelry making, these women are able to take part, socialize, develop language skills, and build confidence.

As a business, Hermine’s vision is to establish Mbikudi as an important brand that represents quality in Afro Caribbean vegan hair, skin and health care. They accomplish this by using high-quality manufacturing and a creative marketing programme, alongside a comprehensive distribution network. Now part of the LaunchMe cohort Hermine is looking for investment in order to scale her production and social impact.

Through the LaunchMe programme, Mbikudi is seeking investment to fund the growth of the brand with the aim of developing recyclable packaging and developing the brand into the circular economy.

More information on Mbikudi: https://mbikudi.co.uk/



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