The Mindful Enterprise

The Mindful Enterprise was launched as a Community Interest Company in March 2017 and aims to tackle the rising problem of mental health issues in society.


The mission of the company is to deliver mindfulness-based wellbeing and personal development training to the business sector and to interested individuals and to use the profits from that activity to subsidise similar delivery to the education sector and to deprived communities.

The seed for The Mindful Enterprise came in founder Gary Young’s childhood. Having a close family member with serious, recurring, mental health issues showed him how that experience can have a significant effect on all concerned, especially if they do not have a support mechanism.

The desire to help others and ensure they are better equipped for life is at the core of what The Mindful Enterprise do. Building resilience, empowering and inspiring people, and offering real support is the foundation of the business, but it stretches far beyond.

Gary believes passionately in the power of mindfulness to help enable a change in the way we approach health and wellbeing.

The challenges facing our young people today growing up in a digitised world will become the future problems of our workplaces and world economies if we don't take action now to enhance the social and emotional competencies of children and provide them with adequate training in emotional self-regulation and stress management.

Firstport has supported Gary and the business with Start It and Build It funding which has been invaluable in helping the business to get off the ground by covering legal and marketing costs and accelerate product development.

This acceleration has helped the business grow successfully towards becoming a self-sustaining business and create a deep and enduring social impact across the sectors they operate in.

The Mindful Enterprise would not be where it is today without the support received from Firstport. Our vision is to see mindfulness and meditation practice integrated into the education curriculum in Scottish schools and develop our brand and community support model to become a leading force in unlocking human potential on a global scale.

If you have a social enterprise idea then have a look at our funding page to see how Firstport can help you to get started, and grow.