Carrick Sports

Connor Watt and David Phee use their social enterprise Carrick Sports to develop more sporting opportunities for all ages in Girvan.

Connor and David, two sport enthusiasts, found inspiration for their social enterprise through discussions with the local community in Girvan. By listening to the needs of the community, the pair identified a lack of physical activity opportunities in the area. Both coming from sport and health backgrounds, with David having worked in the industry for over 10 years, they were confident that they could use sport as a tool for development in the area, and fill this gap in society.

Their project, Carrick Sports, has two elements, starting a gymnastics programme for young people aged 3-12 and offering weekly sports programmes in both care homes and primary schools.

Connor and David sought help through Firstport’s What If…Girvan programme to put their ideas onto paper, and into action. In securing funding through the programme they have gone on to turn their passion into a community-driven social enterprise.

Connor and David believe that sport can be a great tool for development and sustainable development. Firstport and Sally helped them with all the things that they didn’t know and really kick-started their ideas. They are now looking to grow Carrick Sports, with young people at the heart of their decisions.

Having been based in Girvan for the past two years the pair have built up a plethora of local contacts, and intend to train and employ local people to run the programme. Connor and David have begun to develop their enterprise and will be launching the gymnastic programme later this month, starting with taster sessions.

Wanting to start with what the community wanted most, and then grow sustainably, they decided to start with the Gymnastics Club and expand from there, whilst always remaining sustainable and growing with demand.

David and Connor are a testimony to what you can do when you identify a problem in your local community and use your passion to make a positive change. If you've been inspired by David and Connor's story then get in touch and start something good today.