Digital Maker

Digital Maker was set up by Martin Evans and his business partner Philip Thompson, to deliver workshops and training in digital making and associated technology, aimed at tackling the skills gap and extending opportunities for young people.

Martin and Philip began collaborating on digital/creative projects in 2013. They realised that there was a demand for providing access to education and experience in digital technology. Digital Maker CIC was incorporated in January 2017 and has been rolling out creative thinking and digital projects for Primary and Secondary schools in Scotland, with Edinburgh Science Fair taking them to Abu Dhabi Science Festival in November 2017 to run 10 days of workshops and training local students as Science Communicators.

Martin said: “Digital Maker CIC will contribute to the confidence, growth mind set and critical thinking of the pupils and teachers we work with. We want to increase the number of children in the North East of Scotland taking up computing and technology-based further education or business start-ups.”

In the Primary schools, Digital Maker have been running a project “Journey to Mars”. Over the course of seven weeks the pupils learnt about what would be required to travel to Mars and explore the surface. As part of the project each group built their own ‘Mars Rover’ that connected to a Raspberry Pi computer. Challenges were very much hands on with the pupils learning to programme their Rovers.

I liked spending time with Awesome Tech because they helped me create & learn about technology. I loved Awesome Tech as much as the world. - St Peter’s P6 female pupil