Vital Spark – a selection of our Campbeltown entrepreneurs

Meet some of the other aspiring social entrepreneurs to come onboard the Vital Spark programme in Campbeltown. They are developing their ideas into businesses that will benefit their local community.

Paul Russell – 3B Design Studio

Paul is using his skills and background in graphic design to develop an organisation specialising in working with the third sector. The organisation will provide training and employment opportunities to local students, giving young people in Campbeltown a way to develop their skills and find employment in their home town. The organisation will also donate electronic arts materials such as graphics tablets, digital arts programmes and other equipment to schools as well as providing training to use them. The aim is to teach young people the link between digital arts and traditional arts and spark an interest in more modern digital techniques, giving them a platform to take their skills into a wider field ranging from animation to digital design to special effects.

I find it beneficial to be on the Vital Spark programme, as they keep me going in the right direction to get my business off the ground. It is also a huge help to be able to brainstorm and bounce ideas off the other participants in the program as we all share the same goal of making Campbeltown a better place.

Pamela Galbraith – Kintyre Cultural Connections

Pamela plans to rejuvenate the ceilidh and heritage culture in Kintyre by facilitating international exchanges of music, storytelling and food. She aims to hold three annual events in Campbeltown, each paired with two events abroad.

Two performing artists and two younger apprentice artists from Campbeltown will be recruited for each exchange event. The events will give people of all ages, including minority groups, the opportunity to integrate and share cultural knowledge through music, food and the arts.

Pamela has already established links with the Polish, Italian and Bangladeshi communities, secured start-up funding and is holding a launch event in September 2017.

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