Campbeltown social entrepreneur, David Fee, is working hard to turn his idea into a business as part of the Vital Spark programme.

David is setting up a network of hosts and performers in rural areas to organise home based music gigs. He has already organised over 20 gigs in his own house, with an average of more than 20 people in attendance, and has a mailing list of over 50 people in Campbeltown and Kintyre. Other hosts in Kintyre have started using the same model and the first network of gigs is enabling artists to play at different locations in the area over a weekend. David is now working on spreading these home gig networks throughout the wider Argyll area.

Home gigs can potentially happen anywhere and Homesong has two main aims: firstly, to provide artists with new opportunities to connect to their audience on a more personal level and in a way that benefits them financially; secondly, to encourage social connections in areas that may lack opportunities for people to get together in their own locality. To this end a website has been built, enabling people to find out more about setting up Homesong gigs wherever they live. In the future there are plans to introduce software enabling potential hosts and artists to contact each other and to encourage and connect a wider community of Homesongers.

To play original music, there isn't a lot of venues and it's something that's lacking. And also to earn money - Homesong actually provides the opportunity for them to earn a bit of money as well. Vital Spark did what it said on the tin, it sparked me to move things forward.

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