Well-being for all in Stirling

Lesley-Anne started social enterprise The Yoga Tree Stirling. It is all about physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The Yoga Tree Stirling
has 19 classes per week to help the community. With classes such as Empowering Wednesday, Belly Dance and Tango Chemistry, in addition to yoga, everyone is bound to find something they like. Lesley-Anne stresses that the activities are for any type of body, build, shape, weight, or frame and also for people of any age. The Yoga Tree also helps people who struggle to make it to classes. This could be because of lack of childcare, financial hardship, health issues, etc...

Yoga isn't only about physical well-being. Lesley-Anne says: 

Stress and anxiety's negative impact on physical and mental well-being is well documented. We teach self-management techniques to cope with stress and anxiety.

Lesley-Anne received business support from Brian, our business advisor in Glasgow. She explains:

I had meetings to discuss my vision and the best way forward for The Yoga Tree. It helped me set up the Yoga Tree as a Company Limited by Guarantee. My vision and plans have grown substantially since then.

She also attended free workshops to expand her knowledge of social enterprise.

Soon, she plans on delivering more classes and connecting with new partner groups. She already provides subsidised classes to community groups. This is possible by using funds generated by their scheduled classes. She wants to bring more yoga and meditation into the community.

Her long-term vision is to create a Wellbeing Centre. It will have a yoga/dance studio, a café, a community garden, therapy rooms and a conference space.

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