ArtVillage, started by Patrick Evans and Juliane Dost, is a social enterprise using art to regenerate high streets.

Started by Patrick and Juliane in Glasgow’s Southside, ArtVillage transforms unused commercial buildings into centres of artistic excellence to revive historic high streets by creating vibrant, successful, cultural centres. By doing this, ArtVillage reinstates the role of the high street as the hub of a thriving community, which will sustain existing businesses and generate new ones.

Patrick and Juliane have a range of experiences in the entertainment and culture industries, as well as working on community-based arts initiatives in Glasgow. As ‘Southsiders’, they were keen to use this experience and passion to improve the urban environment their family lived in. In May 2013 ArtVillage was born as a 15 day pilot programme in Shawlands Arcade to a positive reception from local residents, press, and elected representatives. The level of support received from the initial pilot told Patrick and Juliane that ArtVillage should, and could, become a permanent feature in the Southside.

ArtVillage’s project is funded by a variety of revenue streams including gallery and online art retail, and sponsorship for the local events. Patrick and Juliane hope that this income will help make ArtVillage a permanent presence in the Southside, before expanding to regenerate other high streets across the country.

For more information on ArtVillage, visit their Facebook page here.