Assemble Collective Self Build

Akiko Kobayashi and her team hope to facilitate the community-led development of sustainable homes and resilient neighbourhoods

“Without Firstport’s funding, we would not have been able to present ourselves and our services in this professional manner that we feel has opened doors for our activities at all levels.” - Akiko Kobayashi, founder 

Assemble Collective Self Build is was created in response to entrepreneur Akiko’s feeling that, as an architect, she should use her skills to find a new way to deliver better housing. In essence, the business is an enabling agency that brings people together to build their own homes. They help people gain better housing for themselves and create sustainable communities.

Activities include forming communities into housing co-operatives, identifying land opportunities, brokering finance and aiding the process of commissioning design teams and contractors. Assemble Collective Self-Build aims to help anyone who is looking to gain better housing for themselves and is interested in living in more sustainable communities.

Akiko successfully applied for a Start It award that has enabled the project to commission a website and other promotional material. This is used when the team visit communities to help identify opportunities for collective self build projects.
Since starting, Assemble Collective Self Build have worked on a number of projects, and recently helped the Craigmillar Ecohousing Co-operative to negotiate for land and to find finance to self build 10 low-energy homes on a brownfield site.